Wedgewood Gardens


Survey Application

    Name: (optional) :
    From which hospital were you admitted to our facility? :
    Did the staff maintain a kind, caring and considerate attitude toward residents, family and visitors? :
    Was the staff approachable and professional at all times?
    Did the staff take your concerns seriously?
    Were daily tasks such as getting dressed, washed and making your bed completed in a timely fashion?
    How satisfied were you with the food?
    How satisfied were you with the temperature of the food?
    How satisfied were you with the diversity of menu choices?
    Were the recreation activities enjoyable and appropriate for you?
    Were the therapy staff sensitive to your stamina/physical condition?
    How satisfied were you with the physician services and were they available to meet your needs and questions?
    How satisfied were you with the facility's interaction and involvement with family and friends?
    Was the facility clean and odor free?
    Was the facility quiet, especially at night?
    How satisfied were you with the way you were informed about your medical / insurance benefits and co-payments?
    Were you well prepared and informed about your discharge planning?
    Were you satisfied by the Social Workers support and involvement?
    Overall, what was your level of satisfaction with the facility.
    Would you recommend the facility to others?
    If you could change something about the facility, what would that be?
    Do you have any comments or would you like to acknowledge a specific employee, incident, or department at the facility?