Celebrating our Success

Exceptional RN Staffing Rating

It is no surprise that The Rehab Center at Wedgwood Gardens holds excellent numbers in Registered Nurse Staffing Ratings for Nursing Homes. According to the Nursing Home Compare tool on Medicare.gov, the average amount of time per Resident that our Registered Nurses spend providing care exceeds the New Jersey and National average. What a great reason to celebrate our success!

Deficiency Free Survey Award

The Wedgwood Gardens Care Center Nursing Department was recognized by the New Jersey Association of Directors of Nursing Administration/ LTC for its Deficiency Free Survey from April 2016-2017. Wedgwood Gardens thanks the Nursing Department for its professionalism and consistent high quality care.

Discharge Satisfaction Survey Results

Wedgwood Gardens places a great emphasis on providing the highest quality of care to residents and families. The discharge team performs a satisfaction survey for residents and their families after their discharge from rehabilitation services.  


Discharged residents and their families are asked about their experiences in different categories, and asked to rate services on a scale of 0-5, with 0 being the least satisfied and 5 being the most satisfied. The results of select questions from the third and fourth quarter of 2016 are shown in the graph. The percentages represent the number of residents out of the 35 discharged residents that participated in the satisfaction survey who answered with the exceptional rating of a 4 or 5.  


The survey results assist the team at Wedgwood Gardens in creating strategies of improvement to fulfill the mission of providing the highest quality of care to residents. There is no surprise that residents are leaving Wedgwood Gardens with the highest satisfaction. Thank you to the care team at Wedgwood Gardens for providing a high quality of care to residents.

Elegant Dining Satisfaction Survey Results

Wedgwood Gardens and Pinnacle Dietary have launched a monthly Elegant Dining event for sub-acute and long term care residents. The Elegant Dining event gives residents a convenient opportunity to indulge in a 5 star restaurant experience and meal in the comfort of our spacious and sophisticated dining room.


The Elegant Dining attendees were asked for their feedback after the first Elegant Dining event held in February. Attendees rated 7 categories on a 1-5 scale, 1 being the least desirable and 5 being the most desirable. The categories included presentation, temperature, taste, sauce, texture, menu accuracy, and overall experience. The chart to the right reveals that 90% of participating attendees gave the event an overall score of a 5 and the remaining 10% gave an overall score of a 4.


Wedgwood Gardens thanks its dietary staff for successfully implementing its first Elegant Dining event and thanks residents for joining. The Wedgwood Gardens team members and residents look forward to the next Elegant Dining event.