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Here at Wedgwood Gardens, we strive to keep our residents and their families informed with important information by providing the following helpful resources. Below are a few resources we’ve accumulated to better help you, as well as frequently asked questions and answers about our facility. For more information, please feel free to call us at (732) 677-1200email or click here.

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Part A Deductible and Coinsurance Amounts for 2020

 Skilled Nursing Facility Co-Insurance

 Days 1-20

 Medicare covers in full

 Skilled Nursing Facility Co-Insurance

 Days 21-100


What you need to know about Medicare
What Medicare does cover
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Wedgwood Gardens

How does care in a subacute rehab facility differ from that in the hospital?

Subacute care includes rehabilitation services, specialized care for illnesses and idesease and/or post- surgical care. Discharge to subacute rehab means that your doctor-deems you medically stable and physically able to participate in up to 2 hours a day of rehabilitation. The end goal is to safely transition the resident from the hospital to home.

What is my rehabilitation schedule? Can my family join me during therapy sessions?

We offer a customized schedule based on each patient’s individual routines and activity tolerance. Therapy may begin as early as 8am through 4:30pm. The rehab gym is open 7 days/week with most patients receiving therapy 5-6 days/week, dependent upon your physician's orders. Your family is more than welcome to join you during your therapy sessions for encouragement and support.

What is a Physiatrist?

A Physiatrist is a physician whose medical specialty is rehabilitation. You will be seen weekly by the Physiatrist who will work closely with your therapists by supervising and collaborating with them.

When will I see my physician?

Your first physician visit may occur within 48 hours of your arrival; however be assured that a nurse is in contact with your physician to review your care and receive orders for medication and treatment. Your physician may thereafter see you weekly.

When and where are meals served? Can my family join me for a meal?

We encourage you to dine in one of our elegant dining rooms. Meals may also be served in your room if you prefer. We welcome up to 2 of your guests to join you for lunch or dinner. 

What is Kosher cuisine?

According to Jewish law, some foods cannot be eaten and those that can be eaten must be prepared properly. Kosher means adherence to strict dietary guidelines; certain animals are not to be consumed at all while others must be slaughtered properly. Prohibited foods include pork products and shell fish. Furthermore, meat and dairy products must not be served together.

Can friends and family members bring food items?

Yes, provided that the food item is within the guidelines and limitations set by our Registered Dietitian. Non-Kosher items may be consumed in your suite and kept labeled in designated pantries.

What are the charges for internet, telephone and TV?

We are pleased to offer our rehab residents internet, telephone and TV access at no charge.

What is the smoking policy?

Wedgwood Gardens is a smoke free facility.